About Us

Batla handloom Emporium was founded by Mr. Ashok Kumar Batla in 1980. From past thirty seven years Batla Handloom is delivering finest home furnishings. Providing good quality to our customer give’s us self satisfaction and helps us to improve more. Our customers are valuable to us and we respect their opinions and feedback. We don’t compete with competitors, we only improve within ourselves.

Batla Handloom is always beyond it’s customers expectations and never fails to help them, whenever they want. It is well said that a company is incomplete without it’s workers and we believe it is well said. We give most of our credit to the workers as they are the one’s who brief the customers about the product and contribute in selling a product.

We keep our prices low, because we don’t aim to earn much profit. We only want our customers to be satisfied, if they are not, then we take a serious action on it by finding out possible solutions to it.